The Michigan House of Representatives Has Passed Emergency Gun Legislation | Latest Update!

The Michigan House of Representatives has passed emergency gun legislation.

House lawmakers in Michigan passed proposals today that limit the governor’s emergency powers.

Representative Andrew Fink, a Republican, claims that the governor infringed on Second Amendment rights when she temporarily halted gun sales in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

His proposal would make this impossible in the future.

“In our country, the citizen is the most basic unit of government, and honoring their rights, even when it is tough for the government, is the entire foundation of our system.”

Another bill passed by the House would prevent the governor from halting gun licensing operations in the event of a declared health emergency.

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Democratic Representative Julie Rogers, on the other hand, thinks that’s too restrictive.

“We should not disregard public health authorities’ advice, and we should not engage in political maneuvering when lives are on the line.”