A Giant Skeleton for All Seasons in Lansing | Latest Update!

All year long, James Pyle and Devin Dockery spread festive pleasure. In Lansing, they use strange ornaments to beautify their yard. Then there’s the colossal skeleton.

“This began during the lockdown in the spring when we brought out the Halloween decorations. Then we never truly put all of our Halloween decorations away “Pyle stated.

During the pandemic, he and his colleague, Dockery, discovered that making people smile goes a long way.

There’s no need to be alarmed if you’re driving down Wood Street in Lansing and come across a skeleton that’s almost as big as the home. It’s just some holiday merriment.

“We didn’t understand it at the time, but our house became very significant to all the youngsters in the area when there was nothing else to do during the lockdown. All of the kids began to come down here once a day to see what was new and to examine the bones “Pyle said.

Bringing joy to the neighborhood has been a tradition since 2020.

They hauled out five Irish-themed inflatables for St. Patrick’s Day so “Mr. Bones,” the skeleton, wouldn’t be alone.

“The fact that it brings smiles and positivity to people’s faces means a lot and has an impact,” Dockery added. “We try to switch things up now and again. However, by adding more perse, it’s now more like a growing thing.”


People are encouraged to stop over and take pictures with Mr. Bones and the staff, according to James and Devin. They stated Easter is coming up soon, so expect to see a putt-putt golf course.