As Gas Prices Rise, Michigan Police Departments Are Considering Electric Vehicles | Latest News!

Some police departments in metro Detroit are keeping a careful eye on their spending due to rising gas prices. The budgetary impact is less severe in areas like Ann Arbor, where half of the police department’s fleet is hybrid.

According to Ann Arbor police, the department’s fuel economy has increased by 80%. Meanwhile, rising gas prices are causing other cities and police departments to go over budget.

“Because no American-made vehicles are pursuit-rated by Michigan State Police, none of our patrol vehicles are electric yet. However, all of our patrol fleets are being converted to hybrid cars “Jason Forsberg, Deputy Chief of the Ann Arbor Police Department, remarked.

He claims that half of the fleet is hybrid. Because hybrids rely in part on a battery, no petrol is lost when the automobile is running but not moving.

Because of their hybrid vehicles, Ann Arbor will consume 50,000 gallons less in 2020, according to Missy Stults, the sustainability manager. These vehicles are utilized by the city and the police department.

She also predicts a total savings of roughly $100,000 per year owing to the cars, but it’s not only about money for her community.

“We’re hearing more and more about climate change’s effects,” Stults added. “It is not in the future; it is now, and people are taking it much more seriously in terms of their investments, and fleets [are] one way that municipalities can make a huge effect quickly.”

Ann Arbor’s fleet consists of just around 400 cars in total. Thirteen are hybrids, all of which are in the police department, and thirty are plug-in electric vehicles, seven of which are in the police department.

As Gas Prices Rise, Michigan Police Departments Are Considering Electric Vehicles (1)

As Gas Prices Rise, Michigan Police Departments Are Considering Electric Vehicles | Latest News!

According to Stults, the city has 17 additional all-electric vehicles and nine more hybrid vehicles on order, with more on the way depending on market conditions.

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Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer says his department wants to follow Ann Arbor’s approach.

He claims that rising petrol prices are eroding his profits.
“We need to come up with a stronger cost-cutting approach in terms of lowering taxpayer costs,” he said. “Without sacrificing services, which is the most crucial point to remember.”

Sheriff Mike Bouchard of Oakland County claims his deputies drove more than 5.5 million miles last year. This is the equivalent of 12 journeys to the moon and back.

“When you talk about fuel prices going up, that has a really large impact,” Bouchard added. “Now we have one advantage that the regular consumer does not have: we don’t have to pay all those ridiculous taxes.”

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Regardless, Bouchard says the money isn’t there after a $1.5 million budget cut last year. He supports the use of hybrids but insists that the infrastructure to support the changeover be in place.

Starting small, according to Stults, is a good idea.

“Code enforcement vehicles are quite intelligent because they drive a little distance and then sit, and then they drive a short amount and then sit. As a result, those use cases are ideal for things like electric automobiles “Stults explained.

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Stults claims to have more than 30 electric vehicles on the road and has placed an order for another 20.
Garbage/recycling (refuse) trucks are two of them. These will be the state’s first of its sort.