Lansing Is Selling Its Russian Investments | Latest Update!

The city of Lansing is selling its Russian holdings.

“We wanted to show our solidarity with the people of Ukraine.” Mayor Andy Schor stated, “We know that this is an aggressive act by Russia.” “We must take all precautions we can sense this is a heinous invasion.” If financial penalties are the only way to go, and that’s all we have, then we’ll make every effort to accomplish it here in Lansing.”

Schor recently met with the leadership of the United States Conference of Mayors, as well as the mayor of Kyiv and the US ambassador to Ukraine.

They requested any arms help as well as disengagement of cash from Russia, according to Schor. He stated that the city can look into investment opportunities. “We are not going to invest in Russian-linked funds.”

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According to Schor, investments in Russia accounted for less than 0.5 percent of total local investments, and the city’s finance director is looking at the police and fire pension boards, as well as the general employee pension board.

The municipal council will meet on Tuesday to consider the conclusions of the financial director, as well as the possibility of future divestments.

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