The Lansing City Council Has Passed a Law Requiring the Reporting of Stolen Firearms | Latest Update!

LANSING, Mich – The Lansing City County enacted a gun law Monday night that requires gun owners to report stolen firearms to the Lansing Police Department.

For failing to report a stolen handgun, gun owners might face a $500 charge under the proposed proposal.

Anyone in the City of Lansing who has a gun stolen must report it to the Lansing Police Department within five days by visiting the official LPD website here or phoning the department at 517-483-4600.

“Illegal firearms on our streets have had a disastrous effect on so many lives here,” mayor Andy Schor said when the bill was first introduced. “We need to be able to track when guns are stolen and out on the streets, and we need to have real-time information.”

The proposed rule is based on state law, which mandates that owners of stolen firearms notify the Michigan State Police. There is no duty, however, to likewise share the information with local law police. The Lansing Police Department will now receive the same information in a timely manner as a result of this ordinance.

Failure to notify the theft of a firearm is a civil violation punishable by a fine of up to $500 for violators.

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