The Michigan Legislature Will Vote on Whether or Not to Suspend the State Gas Tax | Latest Update!

LANSING, Mich- To help with the expense of rising prices, state lawmakers are proposing to suspend the state tax on gasoline and diesel.

The plan, revealed by GOP leaders, calls for a six-month suspension of the fuel tax beginning April 1. In Michigan, the current fuel tax is 27.2 cents per gallon. When sales tax is calculated on a lower overall cost, drivers will save more.

“National average gas prices recently hit a new high, and there’s no sign they’ll be coming down any time soon,” said State Rep. Steve Johnson. “These price hikes are having a huge and awful impact on hardworking individuals and their families, as well as elderly on fixed incomes who can’t afford these kinds of increases.” Many folks have simply stated that they are unable to afford this. When they go to the petrol station, they’re in pain. When they go to the grocery store or the pharmacy, they pay more. They expect their leaders and those who represent them to show them the way forward and allow them to keep more of what they earn. This initiative represents a significant investment in people who are struggling.”

The Michigan House of Representatives indicates that the Legislature would address the lost revenue throughout the budget process, including the possible use of excess funds. During the six-month period, drivers might save $750 million.


The bill will be voted on in the House on Wednesday. The bill will be voted on by the Senate next week.