MSU Students Are Mentored by a Well-known Jazz Vocalist | Latest News!

 EAST LANSING, Mich– Vanessa Rubin, a jazz vocalist, paid a visit to the Motor City. Students at Michigan State University were able to learn a few tricks and play along thanks to a seven-figure endowment.

Her calming music could be heard at MSU’s Community Music School, where she taught and inspired jazz students while playing alongside them.

“I’ve had such a great week,” Rubin stated. “The youngsters have put in a lot of effort, and they sound fantastic.”

Students alternated between watching and playing. But it was all made possible by a million-dollar endowment presented by MSU’s Federal Credit Union to the school’s College of Music’s Jazz Studies Department.

Diego Rivera, MSU Associate Director of Jazz Studies, explained, “What it does is offer resources to welcome four guest performers every year.” “It’s almost like a one-day residency,” says the author. In the morning, we come in. We work with the youngsters, practice with them, and coach and workshop alongside them.”

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MSU Students Are Mentored by a Well-known Jazz Vocalist | Latest News!

It’s safe to assume that the students are taking everything in.

Jeremiah Flack, an MSU student, says, “You really get to see not only how to compose music, but how to make music sound beautiful.” “Ms. Rubin has provided us with that opportunity today.”

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Some people are already talking about passing it on to future generations.

Jordan Anderson, an MSU student, said, “Kids could look at me and see anything.” “‘I could just play this’ (plays piano notes in the video clip above), and they’d ask, ‘What is that?'”

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect is for the teacher.

“You’re enthralled by their story and want to be a part of it,” Rubin explained. “However, by being a part of their path, you bring new things to your own. They have the potential to influence the way I do things.”

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This program will continue to take place, as it is now in its eighth year.