Whitmer Says She’s Willing to Consider “Relief” for the High Cost of Petrol | Latest Update!

Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan has indicated that she will veto a bill that would suspend the state’s fuel tax, citing fears that the Russian invasion of Ukraine will raise the cost of imported gas and oil.

However, she might be open to alternative possibilities.

The most recent version of a bill passed by the Legislature would suspend the state fuel tax for some time, but Whitmer isn’t thrilled with it.

The failure of a procedural vote has complicated the situation. The bill will not go into effect until a year from today, assuming Whitmer signs it.

“I’ve said again that if the Legislature is serious about providing relief to the people, I’m all in,” the governor said during a visit to Detroit. “I’ve presented several various approaches.”

Whitmer, on the other hand, spoke widely and did not name fuel taxes as one of his plans.

However, there is another possibility. At the pump, consumers pay a per-gallon gasoline tax. They do, however, have to pay the 6% state sales tax.

Fuel price inflation has increased revenue from the sales tax levied on fossil fuel fill-ups. This windfall might be used to support a suspension in the collection of the tax.

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Republicans in the legislature have voiced their support for the bill. Democrats have done the same. Whitmer has yet to respond. But she hasn’t said no either.

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