Gretchen Whitmer: Scams Involving Auto Insurance Refunds Should Be Avoided

Michigan- Insurance reimbursements are on their way, and you should be on the lookout for scammers who will try to steal your personal information.

Michiganders will receive $400 per vehicle refunds from their auto insurance providers this spring as a result of cost reductions under the state’s auto insurance reform, which was passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Whitmer in 2019.

It’s crucial to note that you don’t have to do anything to obtain your refund; your insurer will do so automatically by May 9 by check or deposit.

You should hang up if someone calls claiming to need your personal information in order to give you your refund. Unsolicited callers should never be given sensitive information such as your address, birthdate, Social Security number, account numbers, or passwords.

If you get a call concerning your auto insurance refund, call your insurance company to confirm the request and find out how you can safely submit information if necessary.

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Contact the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services with any issues or concerns that cannot be resolved directly with your insurer by calling 833-ASK-DIFS (833-275-3437) Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or by writing

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