In Support of Ukraine, Michiganders Rallied at the State Capitol | Latest News!

People gathered on the lawn of Michigan’s Capitol on Sunday to show support for Ukraine, which has been under attack by Russian forces since February.

Some came there to offer their support, while others were there because Ukraine was once their home.

“We’re still there, and a part of us will always be there in Ukraine, with our people and our cities being devastated,” Maria Comstock, a rally attendee, said.

While Ukrainian flags soared, the crowd changed “Slava Ukraine,” which means “glory to Ukraine.”

Comstock is outraged by the situation in Ukraine, but she is much more concerned about her brother and father, who remain in the country.

“So we’ve been trying to send money over to see what’s going on, make friends in Europe, and possibly discover some safe passageways for my family to travel along. My father is unable to fight because he is elderly “she stated

Eugene Tritemichenko was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 1999, he relocated to the United States. He stated that his heart had been crushed.

“Many people in the United States, including ourselves, would like to welcome their family, retain them for the duration of the war, and provide them with shelter and other assistance they require. However, due to the visa situation, we are unable to do so “According to Tritemichenko.

One of the numerous speakers who came to show support was U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow.

“When we witness Putin deliberately and viciously targeting maternity hospitals, nursery schools, theatres, and food lines,” she remarked. “Make no mistake about it. Vladimir Putin is a war criminal who must be held accountable for the atrocities he is perpetrating in Ukraine. Despite this, brave individuals continue to struggle for their freedom.”

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The greatest way to help Ukraine, according to Comstock, is to find methods to boost their economy, give, and be informed about what is going on.

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