Gretchen Whitmer: the State Has Announced a Fresh Increase in Food Aid Payments | Latest Update

“As we continue to develop our economy, Michiganders will receive greater assistance to put food on the table in March,” Governor Gretchen Whitmer stated in a press statement.

The increase was re-authorized by Congress, and it will be automatically applied to family Bridge card accounts for grocery purchases. According to Alex Rossman of the Michigan League for Public Policy, this will imply an additional 95 dollars a month for roughly 700 thousand families in the state.

He told Michigan Public Radio, “This is another instance where it’s kind of a win-win in terms of assisting people directly as well as money getting spent in local grocery stores and going back into the economy as well.”

As part of the government’s economic recovery measures, a rise in food aid for some Michigan citizens began in April 2020.

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