Michigan Child Care Providers Will Receive Additional $365 Million From the State

Daycare providers in Michigan will be eligible for the second round of Child Care Stabilization Grants. This batch of funding totals $365 million and is funded by federal COVID relief monies. More than 5,800 suppliers received another $365 million in the fall.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration is “setting a new floor” for early childhood education, according to Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist, with “continuous investment.” He believes the COVID-19 pandemic has taught him the need for effective child care.

“Everything goes apart when there isn’t child care available — when kids don’t have a safe, inexpensive, reliable, or convenient place to go,” Gilchrist said. “Nothing seems to work. As a result, this is a critical component in ensuring that our communities can operate, let alone thrive.”

The incentives, according to Gilchrist, are designed to be “flexible” for child care providers. They can be used to fund expansion, tuition freezes, or basic expenses. All full-time child care workers will get a $1,000 incentive in this round.

Monique Snyder, the owner of Brainiacs Clubhouse on Detroit’s east side, is one of the grant beneficiaries. Snyder stated she battled to remain afloat during the COVID pandemic, and that keeping and finding personnel was particularly difficult.

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She is, however, feeling more upbeat lately. “I’m hopeful, and I’m feeling a lot more sure that [this] will be emphasized in the state of Michigan budget moving ahead,” she said.

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The Child Care Stabilization grants are non-competitive, which means that any eligible child care provider that applies will be given a grant. The goal, according to Gilchrist, is for all eligible providers in the state to apply.

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