Mother of Lansing homicide victim struggles with funeral costs

LANSING, Mich. – Dorresa Hicks, the mother of 26-year-old Savon Hicks, said she is emotionally drained less than a week after her son was murdered.

On Friday, Lansing Police responded to a medical call at the 1200 block of Malcolm X Street.

Upon their arrival, police found 26-year-old Hicks dead on the backyard deck.

An autopsy is being performed to determine the cause of death. But Dorresa, Hick’s mother, can’t understand why he was murdered.

“Why would someone do that? He didn’t deserve that. He has two twins out here that are two years old that will not have a father, that will not be able to know their father, not be able to be held by him,” she said.

Dorresa said she was with Savon the day he was killed. She said she was running errands with him earlier in the day.

While out shopping, someone had complimented Savon on his shoes. Dorresa took note of how nice the shoes looked. But later in the day, she would have to identify her son by those same shoes.

“That was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my entire life, is identify my baby by his shoes and a tattoo,” she said.

Dorresa is trying to plan her son’s funeral, but she can’t afford it. She said the funeral costs $7,500. Dorresa has created a GoFundMe, which so far has raised $1,780.

Police have named 43-year-old Floyd Elliot Kohn, also known as Missie, as the suspect involved with Savon’s death.

Police have a warrant out for his arrest and are actively looking for him.

Call the police if you have information on the suspect or the case.

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