Lansing organization held donation drive where they gave back to anyone in need

Punks With Lunch held their annual donation drive at Thrift Witch. They accepted donations of food, winter clothes, and personal hygiene items.

They’re an organization in Lansing that gives donations to anyone in need.

Julia Miller is one of the organizers at Punks With Lunch. Miller said the community has stepped up their donations since the pandemic hit.

“Even though the need has been.. has increased, and has been great. I think the people who can give back, that amount has increased as well,” Miller said.

One of those people stepping up was Alix Mercer. She said there was a time in her life when she could’ve used help like this, and now it’s her turn to give back.

“I know when I was younger I was kind of like in certain positions where it would’ve been nice to have help I guess. So, just knowing that I can do that for other people makes me feel a little bit better,” Mercer said.

Anyone who came by the donation drive didn’t leave empty-handed. Punks With Lunch was giving out children’s gloves to anyone who needed them.

Mitten Mayday was a glove business in Lansing that closed down because of the pandemic. The owner ended up donating 1,000 gloves to Punks With Lunch.

“Her loss is our gain. And she said, ‘Well, I have these and I want to make sure they get out into the community of people that need them,” Miller said.

The gloves have gone into the hands of elementary school students during recent donation drives.

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