The city of Lansing is reminding the local residents to clear their sidewalks when it snows

Lansing, MI – According to the statement, snow and ice must be removed within 24 hours of a snow fall. Notices will be written if snow is not cleared within the required time frame. The city can then clear the snow, which could cost the homeowner $150 or more.

The city officials said:

“Sidewalks are important and everyone, including neighbors, relies on them to be clear of snow and ice so that it’s safe and easy to get around.

Because of this, it is the responsibility of all property owners to remove snow from sidewalks after a snow event and to adhere to the Snow Ordinance.”

The local residents are reminded to clear their sidewalks when it snows. Contact the Lansing Public Service Department with questions at 517-483-4455.

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