Senate passes COVID-19 state funding bill

LANSING, Mich. – The Senate COVID-19 relief bill, Senate Bill 748, has passed.

The bill will provide $465 million in state and federal funding for Michigan health care workers as well as help with increased testing capacity and vaccine distribution.

According to Michigan Senate officials, the Senate Republican relief plan includes the following:

  • $220 million to extend unemployment benefits until April 1, 2021;
  • $79.1 million to expand virus testing and vaccine distribution, including funds to ramp up testing of teachers to ensure healthy school communities;
  • $115.3 million to hospitals and nursing homes to address nursing shortages, including an extension of the pay increase for direct care workers;
  • $45 million in Employee Assistance Grants to restaurant and other workers laid off or furloughed due to Gov. Whitmer’s shutdown orders; and
  • $63.5 million in Small Business Survival Grants and other assistance to help small businesses shuttered by the governor’s orders avoid permanent closure.
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