Trump signs COVID relief and annual government funding bill

Stack of 100 dollar bills with illustrative coronavirus stimulus payment check to show the virus stimulus payment to Americans

LANSING, Mich – President Donald Trump has signed a $900 billion pandemic relief package, alongside a $1.4 trillion annual government spending bill- adding up to $2.3 trillion in total.

This comes almost a week late, as the president refused to sign, asking that less money be sent to foreign countries in the annual spending bill and the direct stimulus check be raised to $2,000.

However, when he signed, he got neither. The stimulus pandemic relief package includes a $600 direct stimulus check and an additional $300 in additional unemployment benefits for those who qualify.

While the signing did stop a government shutdown, the house will still be meeting later today and a new “Redlined” bill will be brought, per the president. The bill also includes an extension to the evection moratorium.

That new version of the bill will be for the $2000 direct stimulus check the president requested. If the bill is passed, there is no confirmation as to if it will amend the stimulus package and replace the original $600 direct check or be additional.

As of now, it’s unsure as to what will happen to the new bill later today. The Senate has not made any comment, but the Senate has blocked previous attempts for larger direct stimulus checks.

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