Menards Home Improvement Topic: Picking Out The Right Christmas Lights

Lights are a cost-effective holiday accessory that adds to the happiness and joy the holidays bring. Whether you’re in the running for best on the neighborhood block for your lights display, or your Christmas tree is bright enough, they add the perfect touch of sparkle to any space.

Lighting options are endless, therefore making the perfect selection that fits your taste and personality can be a challenge. Placement of lights is another thing to consider when deciding between LED and incandescent. Here are some characteristics to consider:

  • Durability – Exterior Christmas lights are made to withstand the freezing temperatures that winter brings. Depending where you live and the weather trends, interior lights could be universal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Cost – Upfront costs for LED lighting is more expensive because of their longevity. LED lights tend to last 3-4 years longer than classic incandescent, making them a better investment in the long run.
  • Theme – Deciding which style light option is best for the season can depend on the crowd, the mood, and the overall look you are going for. Ranging from large bulb lights, mini string, icicle and more, lights are a great way to customize your space.
  • Energy Efficiency – LED lights use as little as 10% of the energy incandescent lights use. While LED lights shine brighter and faster, incandescent filament takes a while to heat up and product light. Using LED lighting will reduce the risk of fire because their heat is subtle and hard to notice.
  • Distance – Depending on the area you are looking to cover, bundles range from as small as 20 count to 300 count. Available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, making sure you have the right amount of lights is crucial to a successful holiday season. Keeping an extra set of replacement bulbs on hand is recommended to get the most out of your lights. Types of Lights
  • Projector – offers a range of characters, designs, and colors to give your house exterior some character
  • Novelty – adds a retro/antique flare to your home with its throwback design
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